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THING: UK General Election 2015
QUESTION: Whoever wins, we lose?

CONTAINS: Nigel Farage versus the sky, the real reason Ahab wants the white whale, the political disasters of Have I Got News For You, and what's wrong with voting with your conscience

LINKS: UK general election 2015 / Sex Criminals Seventh Son - Official Trailer / Futuristic Thrillers ‘Annihilation,’ by Jeff VanderMeer, and More Notes on the Election David Runciman / A question for Ed and David: are you scared to talk about policies? Armando Iannucci Green-eyed loco men by Sam Kriss / Have I Got News For You Ed Balls / Steve Holt!


  1. OK, so a few things here.
    First thing: you guys were all like "comment on our blog, nobody has been commenting on our blog." So, this is me, commenting on your blog, you needy spoonfed bastards.

    Second thing: Thanks for following my podcast on Twitter. Because of that, I actually decided to listen to your podcast, and I've been doing so ever since.

    Third thing: Before you followed me on the Twitter, I was very lost and did not know what to do about making a website for my podcast. I saw what you had done with your blogspot, and I basically copied your entire format. Except I bought my own domain name, and I have also created three other websites with blogger. It's f**king awesome.
    Hopefully none of you think I'm hackish at all for copy+pasting your format on my podcast's blogger.

    Fourth thing: WE SHOULD REALLY DO A CO-HOST THING. Except I am stateside and completely broke. I also have no idea what software/hardware to buy for long-distance stuff, still figuring all of that out (via the Youtubes).

    Fifth thing: WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE HATERISTIC HATE WITH THE HIGNFY? HIGNFY is one of my top favorite Brit/English shows. I am a Political Science major, so that show has been basically my urban slang dictionary of UK politics. I knew what UKIP was and who Farage were two years before anyone else at my university. HIGNFY is a gem.
    It's too bad though, yes, that they have to take such an unbiased stance on everything. Like all Proper English Elites are taught, Oxford-educated an is consistently complaining about how he has to write to the German ambassador and apologize for any Nazi remarks, or that Mr. Hague has gone way overboard in insulting Liverpool.
    I don't think that HIGNFY is responsible for the creation of Mr. Johnson, or indeed of Mr. Farage. I should posit this: it is not the fault of the BBC that the collective voting citizenry is a pile of apathetic, disenfranchised douchebags. It is not the fault of HIGNFY that the populous do not do their duty and research their candidates before they vote them into office.

    Wow. That was more than a few things. Anyways. Alright.

  2. Oh, and these are my websites I created/ am creating with Blogger. Couldn't have done it without the inspiration of your site here. Thanks:


    [In the works] www.heroesofsomalia.blogspot.com/

  3. HIGNFY is kinda good for learning how English politics works I guess. But man - from what it used to be to what it is now: it's like having a savage rabid dog turn into a fluffy little poodle. It has the chance to speak truth to power and instead it just - squanders it. It hugs when it should head-butt innit?