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THING: Punctuation
QUESTION: Grammar Nazis, go home?


  1. After listening late at night, I'm just lost for words. I bet if I found them they'd be bare of punctuation and have lots of invisible comas. And wonderful dashes! which you failed to mention. I'm losing grammar rules more and more as tho I have a wasting language ailment - it's even killing off capital letters!
    I have somehow lately gotten a weird kind of epilepsy that triggers seizures in my language centre. Nothing physical other than a blush - the seizure would make me unable to understand language. Weirdest shit ever. Even insects can communicate. Maybe deaf and dumb folks might understand. I'm now on meds and free when I'm not forced.
    Where do I rate the podcasts in stars? I can't find it.
    Off to dream without words.


  3. I think you need to have itunes installed to rate us.
    If you do it - then click on iTunes Store and then do a search for "Kraken" under podcasts.
    If that doesn't work - then just shout at your laptop as loud as you can: "KRAKEN! FIVE STARS! FIVE STARS!"
    That should work. :)

  4. i listen to this podcast & 4 2 reasons I literally died of irritation the first 1 is that when you said the bit about babies not using punctuation correctly someone should have asked is that babies or baby's lol and then for the question of the week there's a colon and a question mark right there that could have been deconstructed because of you remove the semi colon it totally changes the meaning off the sentence and makes the point that grammar is important but your right guys about the way in which people are evolving language right now the 2 ways that i can think of is 1 the use of a hashtag word as a short cut to an entire concept issue or event like ferguson or gamergate and that's interesting and the other thing is the deliberate misspelling of words or phrases in order to signify a certain shared knowledge like when someone refers to teh interwebs so thats all i have to say folks you take care now kthnxbai

  5. you're write da bets commentz Bobert :D

  6. Or in the words of Alan Moore:

    Aklo isn't a drug. There's no drug with mind-altering properties halfway as powerful.

    Aklo's a language.

    Ur-Syntax: the primal vocabulary giving form to those pre-conscious orderings wrung from a hot incoherence of stars, from our birthmuds pooled in the grandmother lagoon; a stark, limited palette of earliest notions,

    lost colours,

    forgotten intensities.

    Johnny Carcosa delivers the third hit, one more chain of terrible syllables lisped in my ear:

    Yr Nhhngr.

    New dendrites twitch blindly together, unthinkable fusions occurring. Beneath me, a vortex of marvellous coinage is opened. I let go and fall.

    Now it's later. How long have I been here? The drug has worn off but my mouth is still filled with new language. Events have a new continuity now. Disassociate clusters of data in pregnant, post-linear arrays. My first steps up the tenement stairs are embedded in those taken now to depart.

    I'm in Court Street. I must have left Johnny Carcosa's apartment already, which can be more properly seen as an extended arrival.

    The Wza-Y'El of this is, of course, that the future extrudes a curtailing force into the present.

    It comes to me that, in reality, I am a memory of myself, trudging a memory of court street, this construct encysted within a much larger Yr Nhhngr where I'm already in Clinton Street, near the Pachinko Arcade, almost home.

    All events are time roses, the clunced **** uncrumpling into life as the species folds back to annelidan ancestors.

    There lies our Dho-Hna: a meaning bestowed retroactively by forms as yet unachieved but implicit.

    I see the lloigor are simply ourselves, yet unfolded in time to an utter condition beyond the Fhtagn of our usual perceptions.

    Time being a function of matter, this freeing of ultimate forms may be hastened by pertinent sculpture.

    I now grasp that this isn't Clinton Street, nor is it truly me walking across it. We're both merely part of a verbalised reconstruction I'm making to you as I stand here, bent above you.

    I want you to know that the tape on your mouth isn't there to prevent you from making a noise. It's to stop the Dho-Hna flowing in through the wrong aperture, which of course could spoil everything for you. I know you're still worrying over your hands, but please don't. They're quite safe, I assure you. The thing is to focuse yourself on the Wza-Y'El; the concept of not-hands.

    I want you to watch this part closely.

    This is the unfolding from Glaaki to Lloigor. We make the first cut, the Y'Nghai, just here. Now, Gnh'Gua equalling Y'Nghai are Tekel'D to Mhhg-Gthaa, uguth and Y'Golonac.

    N'Gaii fhtagn e'hucunechh R'lyeh, ia, g-harne ep ygg rhan tegoth n'thyleii yr gnh'gua

    Shaggai, humuk, Dho-Hna, g'yll-gnaii ygg Yr Nhhhngr shoggoth. Hrr yll'ngnr Nyarlathotep. Gh'll mhhg-gthaa tekeli-li y'golonac rrrthnaa.

    H'rrnai Cthulhu. H'rrnai Cthulhu nnh'gtep.


  7. Whghat the fuck are you people on about.