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THING: Ghostbusters
QUESTION: What would you gender-swap?


  1. Mini-exchange of the week, for me (and I guess it's only hilarious if you've listened to every bloody episode of Kraken...)

    Joel: You're agreeing with me?
    (Tiny pause, infinitesimal, crystalline, in which is reflected the whole relationship between Joel and Craig as expressed in podcast terms, like a hologram, echoes of muttered rants, shrieks of exasperation, pith and phlegm and gore rising to the eternal clash of holy fool and his nemesis; we hear faints scraps on the wind - "stories...Justin Bieber...stories...capitalism...divison, destruction, the grotesque human failure and the liars and bastards who support it...The Lego Movie...Nina Simone...we live by stories and we are trapped in a bad one but we can and must begin an immediate rewrite...Harry Potter...we're witnessing, aiding, profiting from the slow death of the developing world...too late, too late, it's always been too late....)
    Craig: No, I think you sound mad.

    Classic. Absolute fucking classic.

  2. ..although the real punchline comes later when Craig actually does agree with Joel...

    "Fuck you!"

    And then five seconds later, Ian genderswaps the Queen.

    I did a lol.

    Funny as fuck, chaps, especially so this week. Cheers!

  3. "And then five seconds later, Ian genderswaps the Queen." is such a totally great sentence. I'm giggling all over again now. :D