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THING: Cloverfield
QUESTION: What do you want a film to do?


  1. Best mini-exchange of the episode (as voted by the Great British Public) - in which Ian bestows the honour of an approving 'alright' and in which Joel declares his awed recognition of the imprimatur, keen to bolster his beleagured rhetorical forces in defence of his beloved, the jolly exciting hipster monster movie from a few years ago -

    Mazin: More importantly, Ian have you watched Cloverfield?

    Ian: Yeah, I have, yeah. I thought it was alright.

    Joel: Thanks Ian, that means a lot.
    (The tiniest, most fractional of pauses, less than half a beat)
    That means a lot coming from you.


  2. It all about the comedy pause.


  3. Also: bonus points for " jolly exciting hipster monster movie."

    We should have just said that at the start of the episode and saved ourselves 40 minutes.

  4. Ah, but the tangents, and indeed the tentacles!

  5. Mmmmmmmm. Tentacles.

    Sexy sexy tentacles.