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THING: William Shakespeare
QUESTION: Why are plays so lame?


  1. So...what have we learned? First, that the line between a provocative piece of live anti-theatre and four blokes buggering about is a fine as ever it was. Second, and potentially of greater social consequence, is this: from now on, every pointless circular argument about free speech that inevitably dwindles to the trotting out of that old saw about shouting fire in a crowded theatre will have to take a markedly different course; it will have to take account of the fact that not only has this now actually been done, and thus there is some sort of citable precedent, but that the rhetorical stakes have now been raised, in the sense that the phrase in question now is not merely 'fire' but 'wanker fire'. And the third, minor point is, like, fuck me, that audience musta been asleep themselves man, how they didn't lynch you after about five minutes...ree-spect...

  2. What we didn't say in the episode is that - everyone else in the audience was recording their own podcast too.